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Cannabis Consulting Services

Regardless of where you are at in your cannabis business plan

Union Cannabis Group can help you make your vision a reality and navigate your path to success in an emergent market fraught with legal, safety and operational challenges.

Extraction Facility Planning & Design

The cannabis industry is evolving every day. This presents a risky environment in which to plan and develop a costly cannabis manufacturing facility that is compliant and efficient for today, yet flexible to expand for tomorrow.

With a team of experts and a proven track record of success in facility design and buildouts across the country, Union Cannabis Group helps clients in building state-of-the-art facilities from the ground up, assisting with budgeting, site design, license procurement, permit application, equipment acquisition and safety review to meet state standards.

Union Cannabis Group has the resources and expertise you need to overcome the challenges that most companies face. Often overlooked, facility design can mean the difference between success and failure. Union Cannabis Group will assist you in calculating your projected throughput, specifying and sizing the appropriate extraction equipment and designing your facility layout appropriately while planning and allowing for future expansion down the road.

Cannabis extraction equipment and machine consulting
Cannabis extraction planning
Cannabis extraction facility

Cannabis Equipment Specification and Integration

Union Cannabis Group will assist you in the integration of multiple third-party suppliers and platforms to meet the demands of your production facility.

Whether your production demands require different cannabis processing methods such as ethanol extraction, hydrocarbon extraction, CO2 extraction, solventless extraction or molecular and fractional distillation (wiped film or short path), Union Cannabis Group will develop an efficient and integrated manufacturing process flow. Union Cannabis Group has the expertise to work with vendors and suppliers to develop and integrate your equipment. If it doesn’t exist, Union Cannabis Group will develop it.

Equipment selection and specification are integral to the success of your processing facility. Underestimating the demands of your facility can be a costly error that can mean the failure of your production facility.

We don’t sell equipment – we sell solutions.

Cannabis Compliance and Safety Regulations

Set your extraction facility up to be as safe as possible from day 1

The livelihood of your operation and employees depends on it! While each state’s regulatory framework is structured differently, rules and regulations are quickly conforming to OSHA mandates. Throughout the planning phase of your facility, it is essential to prepare for impending heightened regulations. Union Cannabis Group has the expertise to assist in conforming to the strict measures imposed on the cannabis extraction processes. Running a long-term successful operation requires a successful safety plan and rigorous employee training, and we are industry leaders in each of these areas.

Cannabis extraction consulting
Dabstract extraction process
Cannabis extraction equipment

Business, Corporate and Commercial Services

When starting a new business, there is a lot of ground to cover from concept to execution – legal, tax, accounting, financing, governance documents, operating plans, employment contracts…the list goes on and on.

With the highly regulated nature of the cannabis industry and some of the practical challenges of running a cannabis startup or business (such as lack of available banking services and the historical lack of business structure and formality in the industry), it can be even more daunting.

When starting a cannabis business or startup, it is imperative to do things the right way from the beginning to avoid regulatory issues, internal organization and governance disputes, tax issues, and conflicts with other cannabis businesses. These issues inevitably become even more costly and time consuming to fix down the road once the problems arise.

While corporate structure and documentation are not likely to be the most exciting issues for entrepreneurs to think about when starting a cannabis business, it is the foundation upon which all future success is built on.

UCG and its legal, accounting and business consultants can shine a light and lead the way down this complex path including assistance in:

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Business Incorporation, Structuring and Organizing
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Partnership, Company & Corporate Ownership and Governance
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Commercial Transactions and Projects
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Employment and Contractor Matters
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Supplier, Vendor and Other Supply Chain Matters
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Intellectual Property (IP) and Licensing
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Sale of the Business or Exit Event
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Real Estate Matters
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Accounting and Tax Services