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Cannabis Brand Licensing

Union Cannabis Group owns and operates the award-winning Dabstract brand.

For select clients in certain jurisdictions, we will license the Dabstract brand assets as well as the manufacturing protocol to create the products that are sold under the Dabstract label, allowing you to hit the ground running. Union Cannabis Group also assists with manufacturing IP (intellectual property) and brand licensing, two keys that are essential to your long-term success within the competitive cannabis market.

Dabstract Brand Licensing

Dabstract, Union Cannabis Group’s cannabis oil concentrate brand, is a multi-award winning label in over 200 stores in the state of Washington. Our connoisseur-grade product line focuses on high terpene and high cannabinoid concentrate products, preserving unparalleled flavor and taste profiles with strain-specific terpenes for flavor and entourage effects. We never use additives or fillers in our products.

License a premier quality cannabis extract brand, Dabstract

In 2018
Dabstract won the following awards at the Washington Dope Cup

Dabstract awards from Washington Dope Cup 2018


Best Live Resin Best THC

Runner Up

Live Resin Wax Isolated THCa CBD Isolate

Manufacturing IP Licensing

In addition to its facility design and equipment specification services, Union Cannabis Group also offers consultation and licensing for manufacturing processes to create a full suite of concentrate products. These processes may be derived from (but not limited to) mixed hydrocarbon, ethanol, distillation, and processing methods, as well as various post-processing refinement techniques to produce a vast array of high-demand products.

Dabstract Cannabis Products

Licensing the Dabstract brand offers clients a turnkey solution to take market-share in their jurisdiction by getting top-quality product under a reputable label to market. Union Cannabis Group offers manufacturing, marketing, legal and packaging support for its licensees.

Dabstract concentrate licensing

Cake Icing

Dabstract cannabis concentrate licensing


cannabis concentrate licensing

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Cannabis shatter licensing


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