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Launching a successful concentrate product portfolio in today’s fast-moving cannabis industry can be a costly process without a well-informed, cutting-edge strategy.

An effective launch is key for any concentrate brand trying to establish itself, gain market share and become a force in the cannabis market. Union Cannabis Group’s process technology, equipment specification and operational acumen allow the versatility to formulate products and SKUs for clients desiring to reach targeted markets.

There are many elements to consider in your product development and manufacturing strategy. Union Cannabis Group will work hand-in-hand with you not only to ensure your success throughout the product concept, research, prototype, development and launch phase, but also to understand what your supply chain and manufacturing needs are.

Understanding the market trends in your area and how your brand is positioned in terms of desired quality and shelf pricing strategy will influence how the different cannabis extraction methods including ethanol, hydrocarbon, CO2 and solventless extraction technologies will be utilized in the business model to produce your cannabis product portfolio.

Whether the desired delivery method is:

Cannabis oil concentrates

Infused Products

Marijuana edibles


Marijuana dabs and dabbable products

Dabable Products

Cannabis oil capsules


Cannabis vape cartridges

Vape Cartridges

Cannabis tincture products


UCG collaborates with you to strategically design products that maximize value for your brand from concept to completion to reduce pitfalls and ensure success.

Pre-installation Design and Planning

With a team of experts and a proven track record of success in extraction facility design and buildouts across the country, Union Cannabis Group helps clients in building state-of-the-art facilities from the ground up, assisting with budgeting, site design, license procurement, permit application, equipment acquisition and safety review to meet state standards.

Cannabis concentrate manufacturing
Cannabis extraction consulting
Cannabis extraction equipment

Installation and Basic Extraction Training

Union Cannabis Group team members provide on-site training to assist with equipment installation and setup, safety and compliance review/inspection, coordination of buildout with contractors and vendors, fundamental extraction operation, management training and more. Among the earliest extractors in the industry, our team members are seasoned experts and uniquely qualified to arm your own team with the knowledge and skills required to thrive in the field of extraction, avoid common pitfalls and legality snags, and achieve the highest success. Let us shorten your R&D time cycle to success.

Advanced Extraction Techniques

For clients who already have an understanding of the fundamentals of cannabis extraction or who have completed our Basic Training program, Union Cannabis Group offers training in advanced extraction techniques, such as single solvent dewaxing and filtration and the creation of specialized, high-demand products including terpene sugar, shatter, high terpene extract, cake icing, THCa powder, crystallization techniques, live resin, pen cartridges and capsules.

THCa crystalline cannabis extract product
THCa Crystalline
Cannabis oil closeup
HTE (High Terpene Extract)
Cannabis concentrate cake icing
Cake Icing

Extraction Lab Training/SOPs

Consistency and efficiency are key to the long-term success of a processing facility.

While this industry is moving towards increased automation, employees will always be at the center of the operation. Union Cannabis Group will provide you with the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and ongoing management tools to effectively manage your employees and the operation.

There are various extraction parameters that must be examined before performing an effective and consistent extraction. Union Cannabis Group will train you on the correct SOPs and extraction variables that can change by material, desired product, solvent used, processing temperature, thermoregulation, equipment specified and operator acuity.

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UCG can also provide training and SOPs for extraction pre-processing techniques such as:

Material Preparation Winterization Filtration Pre Distillation

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As well as post-processing techniques such as:

purging and solvent removal product formulation product testing mechanical separation clarification crystallization super saturation liquid to liquid extraction chromatography packaging

Equipment failure is an unfortunate occurrence that you can guarantee will happen at some point during your operation. UCG will train your team in maintaining and servicing your equipment, troubleshooting errors and repairing equipment. The right training programs and SOPs can ensure a consistent operation with minimal downtime.