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In an industry that is growing at lightning speed, we are always at the forefront of the action with our horizons expanding across the country as the legal market does.

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  • PR Newswire

    Decibel Announces Strategic Partnership to Bring US Brand Dabstract, and Exclusive Product Formulations to Canada

    Decibel Cannabis Company Inc. (the "Company" or "Decibel") (TSXV: DB) (OTCQB: DBCCF), a premium cannabis producer, is pleased to announce that it entered into a strategic partnership with Union Cannabis Group ("UCG"). Under the strategic partnership, Decibel has gained access to unique product formulations and intellectual property for the manufacturing of vapes and concentrates. This partnership allows Decibel to acquire the exclusive right to produce these distinct product formulations for its existing brands, as well as, to manufacture and distribute UCG's branded products under the Dabstract brand.

  • Marijuana Venture

    Extraction Inc

    After decades of producing flower, Sushanta Parikh built a cult following among cannabis connoisseurs in California and Washington with the award-winning Dabstract brand, which has branched out from the popular forms of concentrates — such as oil for vaporizers and shatter — and helped popularize new trends like crystalline and live resin. Unlike most cannabis companies that rely on securing licenses and building their own facilities to expand into other markets, UCG’s main channels of business are licensing its intellectual property — either the Dabstract brand or its manufacturing processes — and, in the right situations, as operational partners.

  • PR Web

    Dabstract Joins Forces with Cannabis Extraction Pioneer in Motor City

    Dabstract, an award-winning recreational cannabis extract brand, is expanding across the country with a launch date in Michigan slated for February 1.

  • Yahoo News

    UCG Attorney Participates in ABA Webinar Panel of Experts to Discuss COVID-19 and Cannabis

    Eli Korer, UCG's Chief Legal Officer, will join a webinar panel of industry experts Wednesday to discuss the future of cannabis and strategies necessary for success in a reality altered by COVID-19.

  • NW Leaf

    Dabstract Lab Tour – How Dabs Are Made

    As you exhale those tasty terpenes from your last dab or vape pen hit, do you ever wonder: How did some genius turn a green plant into a beautiful golden oil? The following is an attempt to explain this cannabis complexity in the most basic terms possible.

  • Marijuana Venture

    Maximizing Extraction: Vacuum Ovens

    Because of their ability to create heated and pressurized environments with pinpoint accuracy, vacuum ovens have long been a staple in the medical, tech and aerospace industries to remove toxic chemicals from medicines, cure circuit boards and simulate the vacuum of space.

  • VB Profiles

    “Bubbies” Board Chairman Brings CPG Expertise to Cannabis Company

    Union Cannabis Group Inc (UCG), a leading manufacturing and consulting company in the cannabis industry, recently expanded its advisory board with the addition of Adam E. Robins, an expert in the food and confectionery manufacturing and venture capital industries. UCG sees Robins as a strategic addition to their team at this time, as the consumer product goods (CPG) market is on the verge of widescale adoption of cannabinoid infusion in products.

  • Benzinga

    Dabstract Continues Winning Streak at High Time’s Cannabis Cup in Seattle

    Dabstract continued its legacy of excellence at the 2019 Hempfest Cannabis Cup in Seattle, claiming first-place with their Orange Zkittlez Live Resin Pax Pod in the Vape Pens and Cartridges category. This is one of the most competitive categories, as it is one of the largest volume SKUs in the recreational cannabis market.