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Derek Thiel

Meet Derek
UCG’s Chief Operating Officer

Derek Thiel UCG team photo

Derek Thiel is Chief Operating Officer of Union Cannabis Group. He specializes in post-processing refinement technologies, industry research and development, training of advanced extraction processes, and streamlining operational procedures to maximize efficiency.  He also has a firm background in large-scale molecular distillation, utilizing state-of-the-art wiped film distillation technology.

Involved in both the business management of processing facilities as well as day to day operations management, Derek is able to implement procedures that help all aspects of laboratory efficiency. Along with being instrumental in creating the manufacturing standard operating procedures for UCG, he has been an integral part of the ongoing process of efficiency development, product development, training and laboratory safety procedures.

Before devoting his time to UCG, Derek worked extensively in managing large-scale greenhouse cultivation facilities. This background gives Derek a thorough understanding of cultivation and harvesting techniques for optimal production, providing him with unique insight on biomass procurement and analysis, as well as the resulting product yield and quality.

Over the past four years, Derek has been running a large-scale licensed extraction facility where he has studied quantitative testing results and procedures to make consistent and efficient decisions on production throughput.

Paired with dual degrees in Finance and Real Estate from Temple University’s Fox School of Business in Philadelphia, Derek continues to incorporate fundamental business principles into the developing legal cannabis industry.