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Sushanta Parikh

Meet Sushanta
UCG’s Chief Executive Officer

Sushanta Parikh UCG team photo

Sushanta is the Chief Executive Officer of Union Cannabis Group. His primary focus for UCG is overall operations management, expansion, and leading the company’s brand and IP licensing efforts in all states that allow recreational or medical cannabis.

Sushanta first started growing cannabis in 1995. His interest was captivated by the science and biology of the medical benefits of the plant, and that interest continued to grow as he started and ran large scale greenhouse cultivation facilities in Mendocino, CA. He was also the co-founder of a successful medical marijuana dispensary, VIP, with locations in Los Angeles and in Malibu. Throughout these experiences, Sushanta gained in-depth knowledge of cannabis production, manufacturing and distribution.

In 2015, Sushanta led UCG’s efforts in establishing Dabstract — a premier cannabis extraction brand — in Washington, one of the first recreational states in the country. Today, UCG is operating the largest manufacturing facility in the state, and Dabstract is a leading connoisseur brand.

Sushanta was also a co-founder of Austin Wellness Clinic, an integrative medical clinic in Austin, TX. As Director of Business Development, he helped develop a multi-million dollar operation and was a driving force behind the clinic’s nutraceutical division.

Sushanta conducted genetic and immunology research at the University of Texas at Austin. Today, he remains interested in the vast potential of the use of cannabinoids in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical formulations.