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Union Cannabis Group is the foremost consulting company in the cannabis industry.

Why Union Cannabis Group?

UCG is the industry leader in THC & CBD extraction from both cannabis and hemp. We are seasoned experts that operate, and offer consulting and training for, multiple recreational cannabis producer/processor licenses.

We are adept at navigating the complex web of issues surrounding the cannabis industry, and are familiar with each state’s unique requirements. We will help you at any stage of your business, from inception and startup to streamlining your operations.

Union Cannabis Group consulting services for extraction companies

Consulting Services

Our team of extraction experts have a proven track record of success.

Installation, training, legal & more

Union Cannabis Group manufacturing services for extraction labs

Manufacturing Services

Learn how to create specialized, high-demand concentrate products.

Sugar, shatter, live resin, carts & more

License a premier quality cannabis extract brand, Dabstract

Brand Licensing

Enter the market with an award-winning, premier quality extract brand!

Dabstract now available for licensing

We give you the edge to achieve success in the cannabis industry.

Let us help you grow and thrive in an emergent industry that is both exciting and challenging.

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    Ethanol vs. Hydrocarbon vs. Co2 vs. Solventless Extraction Processes: What’s the Best for My Laboratory?

    Cannabis concentrates are the fastest growing segment in the market. There are many extraction techniques involved to create these products, some using organic solvents and other methods using pressure or even water. In commercial sized facilities, hydrocarbon, ethanol, Co2 and solventless are the most typical extraction processes utilized at scale. What’s the difference between these extraction types, and how do you determine the best cannabis extraction method for your operation?